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  • 功能特性
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RS Monitoring System



This software is based on MFC platform, which is written in C and Python for extraction of urban impervious information through remote sensing image. It can visualize remote sensing image and manage it. It can also complete the monitoring, based on pixel level impervious surface information and provide an interactive visual analysis platform for urban remote sensing image impervious surface monitoring.

The main features include:

Impervious surface extraction project management;

Data display;

Sample selection;

Remote sensing monitoring of impervious surface information;

Accuracy assessment;

Post-processing of impervious surface information. 


Based on the development environment of the software and the characteristics of processing data, the following minimum hardware configurations are proposed for user's guidance.  

1.Hardware Configuration

CPU:The main frequency is above 1.8G Hz;

NVIDIA GPU memory:4G and above;

Memory:4G or more (recommended);

Hard disk space:100G or higher (recommended).

1.Software Configuration

Operating System:Windows 7/10, 64-bit;

NVIDIA graphics driver.


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